Week 4 Synthesis: Curating Through MCBS

Counting I was the kind of person that would spend hours researching and looking for images or resources. In this class learning how to curate properly have helped me developed better results by allowing me to save time and to gather better information in one place. I have learned a valuable new tool called Symbaloo which helps me keep all the different websites and resources I use in one place. I have that instead of looking over multiple resources for more professional quality to find about 1-2 websites that offer better selection.  I definitely believe that learning how to curate helped benefit my MCBS experience in this class. It allowed me to to organize and store all my information in one location. Not only that it allowed me to efficiently collect and organize the data and avoiding collecting data that I don’t need. I think that learning how to curate in this class if a vital tool for this particular career. Even thought before this class I knew nothing about it, I flourish and took away this career changing skills. I totally agree with the authors from “Curation Before Creation” & the “Not All Digital Assets Are Equal” articles. Why? Because I agree with them that collecting fewer better quality items are more successful than collecting a mass quantity of items that you might not need. I personally used this strategy, I think it’s better to have less, quality items than it is to have many lower quality items. I have took away so much from this class especially regarding curating, I hope that we will be able to apply these skills in the future of this career.

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